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GOSS Applications

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GOSS Applications provide organisations with a lower-cost and quicker entry into the world of online digital service delivery. Consisting of eight out-of-the-box products, GOSS Applications cover a range of capabilities including bookings, freedom of information, subject access requests and insurance claims case management, plus reporting tools for a wide range of map-based incident reports.

GOSS Bookings

Empower customers to book places online for community events and facilities and easily manage event capacity and resources with this bookings product.

GOSS Claims

Manage and respond to your customers' insurance and compensation claims faster and more efficiently using this GOSS claims management product.

GOSS Complaints

Encourage your customers to easily share complaints they may have about services your organisation provides with this complaints management product.

GOSS Registrars

Manage registrar-based appointments and enable the efficient administration of registrar resources and capacity with this GOSS product.

GOSS Room Bookings

Provide your customers with the ability to search, filter and book room-based appointments and manage appointment resources with this room bookings product.

GOSS Report It

Enable the improved tracking and management of community and street maintenance with this GOSS customer reporting product.


Enable your customers to easily obtain answers to the enquiries they have about publicly held information with this freedom of information request product.


Empower your customers to have visibility and control of the data your organisation holds about them with this subject access request product.