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Training and Onboarding update

The GOSS training team have been hard at work over the past year making improvements to the various training and onboarding modules we have on offer. We've caught up with the training team to learn more about what they've been up to.

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Look back over the last 18 months, our approach to training and onboarding has changed significantly. With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic it meant training and onboarding for clients had to be shifted online. Just like most businesses in 2020, figuring out how to do this and do it well was a challenge. That said, many of our clients now seem to prefer having training via video call. We're using Microsoft Teams, which has enabled us to deliver concise and flexible training at times that are convenient with each client. Doing things remotely also now means we're able to deliver training modules at the right time during a client's project timeline.  


"Everything is clearly laid out and Microsoft teams allows us to see an exact example of what is being explained. Adam has extensive knowledge on the topic being taught, which means he is capable of explaining it in a clear and simple way. Adam makes sure that everyone is comfortable with the topic of teaching before he moves on which means nobody has been left behind when learning new skills."

Lucas Hinley - Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council


As for what the training sessions entail... we use a combination of demonstrations and tasks for delegates to complete during the session. This really helps clients to get a grasp and understanding of their GOSS product. For most clients, we find that the best way of learning if often by doing things themselves, with the training team hand for guidance when needed.


"I was already using GOSS iCM to update our website, but this still showed me a few things I wasn't aware of, or was uncertain about doing"

Paul Bennett - South Ribble Borough Council


As part of our training follow-up, we will provide clients with post-training resources to help aid their product skillset. This includes links to useful documentation articles, presentation slides and the recordings from sessions. Prior to the pandemic, in-person training sessions weren't recorded. This is just one of the positives to come out of how training is now conducted. Recordings enable our clients to easily refresh their memories on training topics, instead of needing to contact GOSS directly.


"Great teaching technique, lots of patience! Very good knowledge, every question put to Adam he was able to answer"

Kerry Stanhope - South Holland District Council


In addition to changes we've made as a result of the pandemic, we've also readdressed when clients receive training in accordance with what stage their GOSS project is at. For example, we've revised our standard delivery of GOSS Case Management onboarding. What was previously three sessions, during the early phase of a client's project, is now just one session. During the session, we'll deliver the basics and fundamentals of Case Management, including building case types. We'll then look to deliver the advanced Case Management configuration part of the previous three-session course, at a later point during the client's project, when it is required. This approach is working well to help clients retain training knowledge and understand their GOSS products better.


"Adam was an excellent trainer, with a good balance of demos and working through examples that helped give us confidence to pick up GOSS Bookings. He was well prepared and took away any questions that he couldn't answer right away to find out the answers for us." 

John Strange - Somerset County Council


Moving forward, we're hard at work developing short training videos clients can use for easy and digestible 'how-to' product information. The aim is to give clients as much training resource as they need, with the goal of continuously improving GOSS product knowledge. In the past 12 months, we've already amended many of our existing modules, whilst also creating brand-new ones. This includes a new module for articles and forms training, which includes training on building accessible content and GDS compliant forms. We're excited for the next 12 months, and have some insightful courses planned that will focus on upskilling non-developer users to help them build complex forms without complex coding.


As is always the case, if you're looking to learn more about your GOSS products, please don't hesitate to contact us. We can look to arrange training modules that cater to your needs and help you improve your GOSS product knowledge.