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A week in the life of ... RESOLVE consultants | Let's get the show on the road!

Six customer focus groups in three days and four locations - it was not going to be the easiest of weeks, but here we go anyway!

The view from the Home Group offices in Newcastle

The first two focus groups were in Newcastle upon Tyne on a Monday morning, not a problem unless you live in Cornwall or Somerset! So we left Bristol Airport at 10:10pm on a delayed flight to Newcastle.

Thankfully the hotel was close and offered a good night guarantee. After a few hours sleep and a healthy breakfast we set off to Newcastle to set ourselves up for the first session.

Five customers duly arrived and after helping themselves to tea or coffee and some very nice biscuits, they began to discuss their communication preferences and what they really wanted to experience. They were a chatty bunch and really gave us food for thought.

After a quick refresh of the room, the next group of eleven customers arrived.

Again, after getting their refreshments they began talking about their experiences and needs when communicating with the organisation.

One lady had unfortunately left her mobile phone in the taxi and needed to track it down. She didn't allow it interfere with her participation in the group discussions. Thankfully, she located the phone and hoped to divert the taxi on her way home to collect it from the Police station.

After gathering together all the information from the day, co-ordinating resources, it was time to set off on the next leg of the journey. Off we went to Newcastle station to jump on separate trains to Maryport in Cumbria and Dundee in Scotland.

Newcastle Train Station

Who are we?

We are two of the RESOLVE consultants working for GOSS Interactive, a small-medium sized company based in Plymouth. We spend our working days helping organisations undertake all forms of Digital Transformation and Channel Shift.

Head of Transformation
Transformation Consultant
Dave is based on the beautiful Cornish coast and has been with the company for 5 years. He developed the RESOLVE consultancy arm of the business.

Nicky is based near to Bath in lovely Somerset, she joined the company a year ago after working as a consultant for a couple of years.

Both have (too) many years experience in local government and have delivered many transformation projects for many different organisations.

6 Steps to Digital Transformation Success

For more information about us, the work that we do and how we could help you deliver your transformation programmes visit 

Next time

Next time in "A week in the life of ... RESOLVE consultants" Nicky is "Going solo from Newcastle to Maryport"!