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We give the low-down on what happens at a GOSS User Group

100% of clients satisfied with the recent GOSS User Group.


So last week we treated our clients to the second of our bi-annual GOSS User Groups in 2017. For those who have never attended a GOSS User Group, in a nutshell it's a day where we present upcoming developments of the GOSS Digital Platform, and show clients (in one-on-one sessions) how to get the best from theirs.



As per usual, we spread the event across two days to make sure the majority of our clients could attend. Day 1's events took place at the magnificent HMS Belfast in London, a fantastic day that was complete with a tour of the 78-year-old ship. For Day 2, we whizzed our way up to Glasgow, spending the day at Hope Street's The Studio with our Scottish and Northern clients.



At each GOSS User Group we always present as many new developments going on at GOSS as possible, this User Group was no different. The agenda for both days included showcasing new GOSS Themes, presenting to clients the impact of GDPR on their organisation, recent projects undertaken by various clients, and looking towards the future with a presentation on Bots and AI. We didn't stop there though, the most anticipated presentation was the news about the forthcoming release of the 10.0.6 update to the GOSS Digital Platform. Further details on this release will be coming over the next few weeks. Additionally, we also communicated to clients about the launch of our new creative service GOSS Creative, plus Powys County Council and East Renfrewshire Council both gave in-depth case studies on how they're using the GOSS Digital Platform.



Both days were finished with two one-on-one breakout sessions, where clients got the chance to get a deeper insight into how the GOSS Digital Platform can be used. The first of the two sessions was dedicated to those attendees who wanted to learn more about the technical wizardry to build and implement self-service solutions, whilst the second session gave clients a knowledge of what is best practice when using the GOSS Digital Platform. This part of the day is always a highlight with those who attend, with clients giving these sessions across both days a 100% satisfaction rate.



Overall clients who attended these User groups really enjoyed the days, with all stating in User Group feedback that they would attend future events, and 100% of attendees saying they would recommend a GOSS User Group to a colleague. Furthermore, clients thought that the GOSS User Group was a great place to network with other organisations experiencing the same problems, with 94% of attendees stating it was a great place to share ideas.



The next two-day GOSS User Group event will be taking place in Spring 2018, with a venues in London and Glasgow to be announced nearer the time. If you would like to know more about this event, or have interest in attending, please contact us here.

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