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What have Powys County Council been up to with the GOSS Digital Platform?

As a relatively new client, Powys County Council have achieved a lot with the GOSS Digital Platform in such a short space of time. We give the lowdown on how they are using the platform to support their wider transformation project.

Powys Bins Case Study - Image 1


Powys County Council are using the full GOSS Digital Platform to power a new Website and underpin their Customer Relationship Management system (CRM). The project is being championed by the Powys staff, building on the out of the box SaaS solutions provided by GOSS. By selecting, the GOSS Digital Platform, with its integral eForms and workflow engine, has allowed Powys to provide their citizens with streamlined and end-to-end digital services. These services can be accessed by citizens using a self-service portal, or they can be assisted, via the same processes by a Powys Customer Service employee, ensuring rapid uptake of the new and improved digital services.


The first tasks and processes Powys have identified as priorities for development are within Highways, Transport & Waste. As a Welsh Local Authority, they are faced with the additional statutory requirement for all services to be available in both English and Welsh. Citizens can now set up an account and choose to interact online in their preferred language. For their online Bin Request service, whilst the council still has internal operational work to do on the speed of physical delivery of the bins, the feedback below shows that citizens are very satisfied with the new online service. 

Powys Bins Case Study - Image 2


Powys have also developed (using the GOSS forms and processes) a real time customer feedback dashboard, which shows the latest citizen comments (good and bad!). The aim of this dashboard is to provide transparency to the public, to encourage more citizen feedback so that the Council can identify any service issues quickly, and address problems efficiently. The Customer Service Team also use this tool to showcase to other departments that putting services online does work, and delivers operational efficiencies as well as citizen satisfaction.

Powys Bins Case Study - Image 3

By having a real time customer feedback dashboard on the Powys County Council website they are able to deliver transparency which in turn encourages accountability across the Powys County Council service delivery teams to do their part in ensuring all elements of the service provided meet client expectations.


Before the Transformation of the Bin Request Service, Powys received 750 online requests per month, which were forwarded on by email, and had no way of knowing how many requests were direct via phone or email. There was also a high and unmeasurable failure demand leading to unhappy customers. Following the Transformation of the service, and implementing the end to end process on the GOSS Platform, Powys now receive 820 online requests per month via Self Service, and 440 per month via Assisted Service, which are all now fully reportable. There is a far lower failure demand, which is now measurable, and the majority of Customers are happy.

Powys Bins Case Study - Image 4


Live updates of the process can be viewed here