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New Digital Fly-Tip Reporting Service for Gateshead Council

Gateshead Council have recently released a brand new service which enables its 200,000 residents to report cases of fly-tipping.

Gateshead Fly-Tip Reporting


The new online service delivers quick and easy access for Gateshead's residents to report fly-tips using the GOSS Digital Platform, whilst also keeping the reporter informed of the progress of resolving the fly-tip in an "Amazon" like way.


Gateshead Fly-Tip Reporting


Residents reporting fly-tips can do so using the device-responsive interface and quickly locate where there have spotted the incident. Using Google maps residents can quickly enter a postcode, or double click on the map to pinpoint where a fly-tip is currently situated. From there the service will then indicate whether or not the incident has previously been reported, allowing the resident to indicate a new fly tip or provide additional information against an existing fly tip. Furthermore the service allows users to upload images they may have of the fly-tip, provide information on what type of waste the fly-tip contains, plus indicate using a series of sizes how much waste there is in the fly-tip. 


As fly-tips are reported Waste Managers using the GOSS Digital Platform service will also receive alerts, and dependent on the report tasks are then allocated to teams accordingly. The Collections Team will then login on a daily basis using their Gateshead Council issued mobile devices and claim their tasks for that day.


The new service will not only provide an improved online experience for residents, with greater detail and status tracking, but also provides waste teams with far greater intelligence on the contents of the fly-tips. Furthermore, the service also helps cut hours or locating reported fly-tips by providing waste teams with improved fly-tip pinpointing using precise mapping technologies. The new fly-tipping reporting service at Gateshead Council is an entirely joined up service, which in-turn has led to a complete reduction in manual paper-based processing.


This new fly-tip reporting service is hoped to be the first of many that Gateshead roll out using the GOSS Digital Platform, it is also going to be a significant contributor in supporting Gateshead's savings targets.