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Online leisure services: Are yours in shape?

Around 6% of desktop visitors and 10% of mobile visitors to your website want to access leisure services.

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It's important to make their experience as easy and intuitive as possible. That way they will be more likely to trust your website and return to use other services in future. 

South Tyneside Council was rated 4-star for its online leisure facilities as part of the Socitm Better Connected 2015/16 review of digital services.

It also received a special mention from Socitm as a best practice example: 

Excellent landing page. Clear options, easy to browse. Very clear customer journey with comprehensive details of classes, times and locations." 

The average star ranking for leisure facilities across all councils was 2.6 stars. 

So, how did South Tyneside do it? 

To promote health and wellbeing effectively, you need to make sure your website is in shape first. 

South Tyneside Council built its online leisure resources around customer needs using advanced event functionality within the GOSS Digital Platform . 

There are some key takeaways from the South Tyneside example to help you ensure online leisure services work for your organisation and, most importantly, your citizens. 

keep customers on your website

We've all experienced it. Google takes you to a website. It doesn't hold all the information you were looking for and you're taken to a third party site to find the rest. 

When it comes to leisure services, don't expect your customers to have to navigate away from your site.

South Tyneside displays full leisure information all within a single user interface. It's built around the customer so it's intuitive for them to find what they want.

Key information including dates, times, descriptions and class prices are all displayed on the council website, so the customer can get a full and clear insight without then having to make an additional search elsewhere. 

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make things easy for customers

Leisure services on the South Tyneside Council website are citizen-focused. 

Grouped options, embedded maps and faceted search make it easy for residents of South Tyneside to visit the council website for leisure information. From whichever point they enter the site, they can search to find exactly what they want. 

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don't forget your staff 

By putting the customer first, it can be easy to overlook staff needs when building web services. 

Taking advantage of the powerful functionality within the GOSS Digital Platform, staff at South Tyneside Council can add an event just once within GOSS iCM and display it in multiple places on its website.  

By automating information where possible, staff don't have to spend as much time re-keying information and manually placing things on different areas of the website. 

The GOSS Digital Platform helps you deliver superior online services.