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Spotlight on digital self-service: City of Wolverhampton Council

The City of Wolverhampton Council is on track to save £1.5 million in its Customer Service department through digital self-service delivery.

Paul O'Rourke Wolverhampton video still

Using the , Wolverhampton has digitalised its tip permit application and booking process. 

This is a great example where a local authority has delivered a service online to demonstrate the potential returns in having a cross-organisation  solution. 

Within three months of launching its online tip permit booking service, Wolverhampton shifted about 65% of telephony contact online, with little in the way of promotion. This will save the Council approximately £25,000 per annum in the first year. 

The City of Wolverhampton now has a blueprint for moving other service areas online. As part of its long-term digital transformation strategy, the Council aims to create a single customer portal for all customer service enquiries. 

Sue Handy, Head of Customer Service, City of Wolverhampton Council, said: 

Our programme for the next five years is to have a single point of contact for every person contacting the Council, be that a visitor or a resident of Wolverhampton. 

Using the GOSS Self-Service Platform to deliver tip permit bookings we've now got a blueprint for moving other services online. By digitalising just one service we've already achieved some significant savings. Imagine when we've got all of our customer contact in one place - the savings are going to be phenomenal.

Watch our video to hear more from Sue and Paul O'Rourke, Performance Manager, about the City of Wolverhampton Council's digital transformation journey. 

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