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About GOSS

Learn how we're enabling organisations to embrace digital transformation with innovative digital and online solutions.

Helping organisations reach their digital and online goals is what we're all about at GOSS. With the power of the GOSS Digital Platform, we give organisations the autonomy they need to expertly deliver their digital transformation projects. Helping to connect organisations with their customers, automate manual business processes, and ultimately save time and money.


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GOSS as your partner

We truly believe that teaching a man to fish means he'll fish for a lifetime. With GOSS as your digital transformation partner, we give your organisation the essential tools and knowledge you need to deliver your digital projects right every time. We're fully invested in seeing your projects take flight and provide the freedoms you need to achieve your digital goals. 


Over 20 years of experience

We started life in 1999 and have been delivering digital transformation projects ever since. In this time, we've built and refined the GOSS Digital Platform as an essential tool ready to help organisations solve their real-life digital and online challenges.


Your website is the heart of your organisation. It's a place where your customers increasingly go first to find information, make enquiries, request services, and post feedback.

Rob McCarthy - CEO


Used by millions of UK citizens

We're proud our technology is providing people across the UK with a rewarding digital and online experience. The GOSS Platform is helping to serve millions of UK citizen, enabling easier and quicker self-service and resolution of their requests. 


A wholly UK-based company

Situated in the South West and with staff located across the UK, we're proud our technology is helping to deliver digital and online services on home soil. Our background in delivering digital solutions has meant we are SaaS pioneers across the UK Public Sector, including Local and Central Government, NHS and Healthcare, and Emergency Services.

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