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Teams at GOSS

Find the team that best suits your expertise and learn more about the different roles we have to offer at GOSS.

Although we work together as one big team at GOSS, we have various teams, each responsible for different aspects of the work we do. Learn more about each team's roles and responsibilities, and how each team plays a vital part in helping deliver our overall vision. 


Client Success

Ensuring clients get value from their GOSS Digital Platform is the focus of the Client Success team. This team takes product data and feedback to help improve the Platform and deliver product documentation and training that makes all clients' digital transformation a success.


Development and Creative 

The designers, architects, and craftsmen of the technology we deliver. The Development and Creative team produce the latest GOSS Digital Platform features and work with clients to deliver successful digital transformation to their organisation and improve their users' online experience. 


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Internal Operations and People

Helping to keep the day-to-day operations at GOSS running smoothly is the Internal Operations and People team. This team consists of multiple role and responsibilities including HR, finance, administration, and office maintenance.


Project Management 

For every client project the Project Management team will be involved. Responsible for overseeing the successful delivery of clients' projects which use the GOSS Digital Platform, they plan and organise projects so they are delivered on time and to budget.


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QA and Testing 

Before any new features or updates can be delivered to each clients' GOSS Digital Platform, they must first go through a robust quality assurance and testing regime. The QA and Testing team are responsible for this and key in helping deliver quality outcomes.


Sales and Marketing 

Key to maximising the visibility of the GOSS Digital Platform and the services GOSS has to offer are the Sales and Marketing team. They work to help both clients and potential clients realise the benefits of using GOSS technology and solutions. 



Assisting clients in their day-to-day usage of the GOSS Digital Platform is the Support team. This team keep clients' online operations maintained and are available to resolve issues and uphold network infrastructures.


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