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Integrate the GOSS Digital Platform with back-office systems to deliver end-to-end online services.

Enhance your customers' online experience by connecting the GOSS Digital Platform with existing systems. Use out-of-the-box integrations to speed up online service delivery, improve customer satisfaction, and save money. Use the Platform to build and deliver integrations that meet specific service requirements.


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A broad range of integration possibilities

Integration options with the GOSS Digital Platform are endless. Connect user-centred forms with complex waste service requests, connect customer accounts to third-party systems to provide a unified customer experience, and much more.


Deliver integrations fast

Out-of-the-box integration connectors enable your organisation to connect the GOSS Digital Platform with existing systems at speed. No technical knowledge or setup is required, simply use a connector to quickly integrate. 


Building a contracts register as a .NET app, previously took 8 days. Building the same contracts register using endpoints and forms in the GOSS Digital Platform took 2 hours.

Scott Wilson - Developer 
East Renfrewshire Council


Tailor-made customer services

Easily build your own integrations to meet your organisations' specific online service requirements. Create cloud-based solutions to push data into the systems you choose. 


Integration engine included

The GOSS Digital Platform comes equipped with a free integration engine, enabling your organisation to deliver a range of integrations from the get-go. Talk to a range of APIs (REST, SOAP, XML), direct to databases, or webhooks.

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Platform expansions

Add additional integration capabilities to the GOSS Digital Platform and connect with existing systems.

Platform expansions (Platform expansions)

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