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Platform expansions

Add additional capabilities to the GOSS Digital Platform and expand the scope of your online service provision.

Tailor your GOSS Digital Platform with additional functionality and capabilities. With over 30 different expansion options, add extra content management, self-service, integration, and support to deliver online service provision the way you want. Expansions are available across three categories, functionality, connectivity, and service management.


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Expand Digital Platform functionality

Functionality expansions improve your customer services and deliver enhanced content management, forms, and self-service capabilities.

  • Save time and costs - Add new functionality to your GOSS Digital Platform at a much lower cost than purchasing new and separate systems.
  • Strengthen your online service provision - Enhances existing services, and processes, and improves your overall customer experience.
  • A range of options - Choose from functionality expansions such as blogs, location services for nearby amenities, community streetscene reporting, and much more.


Expand Digital Platform connectivity

Connectivity expansions make integrations with third-party systems and automating back-end processes easy.

  • Increase automation capabilities - Connect separate systems with the GOSS Digital Platform and reduce staff administration time. 
  • Convenience for customers - Simplify your customers' online experience through SSO and OAuth capabilities. Use AI connectors to integrate services with chatbots and virtual assistants.
  • Enhance revenue collection and delivery - Connect third-party payment providers to GOSS forms to make payments easy for your customers. 


Expand Digital Platform service management

Service management expansions provide advanced support and security to your online service provision.

  • Support digital growth - Use dedicated database expansions to handle large data volumes as your digital services grow.
  • Advanced security - Enhance the extensive security of the GOSS Digital Platform with disaster recovery options.


The GOSS Digital Platform is very well thought through and easy to use, even the non technical people. We love the GOSS system in Preston, its fast, slick and easy to use. We have everything we need to move digital forward in Preston and looking forward to expanding on this with the GOSS Platform.

Ian Heslop - Digital and Website Manager
Preston City Council

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