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100% of GOSS clients love the GOSS Digital Platform

Discover how GOSS clients have rated us in our latest annual client survey.

Shaun Jennings, 2 November 2021 14:50
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Earlier this year we invited GOSS clients to take part in our annual GOSS Client Survey. Each year, the results and opinions expressed in this survey help provide us with key information we use to develop and improve the products, services and support we provide. 


The survey was open to all GOSS clients to take part and aims to find out how our clients rate us across various aspects of the interaction they have with us. This includes such aspects as the products and services we offer, the customer service they receive from us and how they view us as a software provider within the UK Public Sector online and digital technology market.


Taking place over the summer, the survey was broken down into sections, which covered the following... the GOSS Digital Platform, our customer service, our reputation, and GOSS in general. We also added, in light of COVID-19, a new section for 2021, which asked questions about how clients have rated us during the pandemic.


GOSS Platform

In this section clients were asked to answer questions about their GOSS Digital Platform. Question in this section, gave insight into whether the Platform met clients' needs and its overall ease of use. Overall clients responded with very positive answers. All 100% of participants taking part in the survey stated that their experience with the GOSS Digital Platform was either positive or very positive. Year on year, this result had increased by 10%. And when it came to if the Platform meets clients' needs, 94% agree that this was the case, up by 8% on 2020's results.

Client Survey 2021 Result Graph 1


"So user friendly and easy to develop; we have enabled many services to respond to Covid and have responded to many changes in business processes and requirements."

Helen Johnston - Customer Service and Digital Delivery Manager

Sunderland City Council


GOSS Customer Service and Staff

Reviewing the next section - GOSS Customer Service and Staff, here we asked clients to answer questions about the specific customer services they use from us. This included service areas such as, Account Management and Project Management, whilst also gaining understanding of how well we provide specific customer service-based qualities such as 'understanding a client's requirements'.

Clients rated our Account Management services very positively, with 89% satisfied or very satisfied with this service. Likewise, our Project Delivery services saw a 9% increase year-on-year in those satisfied with it, with 87% agreeing it was either good or very good. Further to this, those rating Project Delivery as very good, doubled when compared against 2020's results.

Moving on to specific customer service-based qualities, 'understanding a client's requirements' stood out as something clients agreed we excelled in, with 94% stating so. Additionally, regarding communicating updates to clients, 82% of clients agreed this was also something we do well.

Client Survey 2021 Result Graph 2


"The working relationship we have with GOSS is excellent, working on projects together has increased the skill set of our business and allowed us to deliver more services in less time."

Stewart Robson - Web and Digital Technical Officer

Gateshead Council


GOSS's Reputation and Competitors

Questions in this section help us to understand how GOSS is perceived within the UK Public Sector online and digital technology market, whilst also understanding how we compare to businesses offering similar products and services. Here 100% of clients stated that we provide products and services which deliver a similar, or better level of quality when compared against other companies offering similar products and services. Likewise, when against to compare for value for money, again 100% of GOSS clients said GOSS products and services were similar or better.

Client Survey 2021 Result Graph 3



With the pandemic having had a significant effect on our clients' delivery of public online and digital services, this year we added a new section to help us understand how clients feel we have supported them during these times. When clients were asked about how they'd like to interact with across various meetings and events going forward, most clients now have a preference to meet with us online as opposed to in-person. This includes meetings such as account manager and project meetings, and also includes events such as the GOSS User Group.

During the pandemic clients have been very impressed with the how we have supported them and handled their projects, in a time of high demand for online and digital services from clients' customers. When asked to rate how our level of service during this time, 100% of clients said they found it to be either good or very good.

Client Survey 2021 Result Graph 4


"We've had many many challenges since the pandemic started and the GOSS Platform has given us the platform to quickly deploy incredibly important services to our customers and residents."

Neil Wood - Web Developer

Breckland Council


GOSS in General

And finally, within the last section of the survey, clients were asked to provide responses to general questions about GOSS as a company and a software provider they use on a day-to-day basis. Here 97% of clients specified that they were either satisfied or very satisfied with their overall experience with GOSS as a company. Furthermore, when asked how likely GOSS clients were to recommend us to others, 88% agreed they were likely or very likely to do so.

Client Survey 2021 Result Graph 5


"The team at GOSS have delivered outstanding professional support to myself and colleagues, which has enabled us to take the organisation on a transformation journey using GOSS products to make a difference to the residents of Sunderland and employees."

Helen Johnston - Customer Service and Digital Delivery Manager

Sunderland City Council


Overall, the results from the GOSS Client Survey 2021 have been extremely positive, with the majority of clients satisfied with the solutions and services they currently receive from us. All responses have been reviewed and the results from this survey are currently being used to help improve the solutions and services we provide.

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all clients who participated in the GOSS Client Survey 2021 and would like to remind everyone that we welcome feedback from you at any time. The next Client Survey will be taking place in 2022 and in the meantime, if you have any questions regarding the results in the survey, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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