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Hillingdon Council COVID grant scheme case study

Find out how Hillingdon Council delivered a COVID-19 grant scheme in just 4 days.

Hillingdon Council COVID Grant Scheme Case Study Front Cover

In the winter of 2020, COVID-19 cases began to surge, forcing the UK into another national lockdown. Hillingdon Council, one of the 32 London boroughs,  recently deployed an essential forms process that enables citizens to apply for the COVID-19 grant scheme. This new Winter grant scheme was introduced as the government provided authorities across the UK with funding to help support households suffering financial hardship as a direct impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Using the GOSS Digital Platform Hillingdon Council built the grant application in only 4 days. The service itself not only enables residents to complete the grant application but also efficiently manages applications internally at Hillingdon using GOSS Case Management technology. 

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Using the GOSS low-code tools, we were able to build the whole end-to-end business service within 4 days incorporating online applications and a full case review, approval and processing for our applications team. The speed at which we have been able to develop the service has been key to the project and hopefully providing a much-improved service for Citizens.

Alun Rees - Channel Migration Manager 
Hillingdon Council 

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