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Sunderland City Council upgrades to GOSS Digital Platform to deliver new digital interface programme

A new GOSS solution is paving the way for Sunderland to provide their residents with an enhanced website interface and better accessibility for all.

Sunderland City Council upgrades to GOSS Digital Platform


Sunderland City Council upgrades to GOSS Digital Platform

After having committed to the GOSS Digital Platform last month, Sunderland City Council are looking to use the end-to-end platform solution to bring their Digital Interface Programme to life. Totaling a population of over 277,000 residents, Sunderland City Council is a metropolitan district Council, with residents in need of effective digital and online support. In order to do so, Sunderland knew it needed to upgrade the existing CRM system with a new platform, the GOSS Digital Platform being the best fit.

As part of a wider plan to increase online engagement, transform connectivity across the city and develop new and efficient ways of working, Sunderland City Council's Digital Interface Programme is another important step on that journey. With the GOSS Digital Platform in tow, it also means Sunderland can build on developments they made to their public website over the last 3 years, bringing about an improved digital interface for customers, ensuring the site is relevant, inclusive, accessible and shaped to the needs of all users.

Councillor Paul Stewart, Deputy Leader of Sunderland City Council commented "we are constantly looking at how we can improve online engagement and the customer journey/experience for our residents and the GOSS Digital Platform will help us do just that."

In additional to their Digital Interface Programme, Sunderland City Council have also worked with GOSS, using GOSS Expansion solutions, to deliver a range of online public services as part of Sunderland's wider digital plans. This includes services such as bookings and appointments for a range of registrar-based services, and case management to efficiently handle community requests, licensing applications and complaints. Furthermore, Sunderland have also bee utilising their GOSS Expansions capabilities to provide their customers with online payments, an adult social care directory, plus integrating with Bartec and IDOX. This will enable fully tested and supported digital services to be rapidly deployed, freeing council staff to utilise innovative low-code and no-code tools to make additional online services available as an intrinsic part of the Sunderland City Council website.