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New service go-lives for East Renfrewshire and Sunderland

New services and a subsite for the two authorities are helping to improve overall service delivery to their residents.

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Totalling a population of 95,000, East Renfrewshire Council have recently introduced new digital services for their residents to submit applications for garden waste permits, and complaints to the authority. Whilst Sunderland City Council have been busy building and recently launched their new 'My Sunderland' website.


East Renfrewshire Garden Waste Trinity

East Renfrewshire launches garden waste permit applications

Ahead of East Renfrewshire introducing a brand-new chargeable garden waste collection scheme, the authority enabled the purchase of garden waste permits through a new online application form and process. Built by the East Renfrewshire team using the no-code GOSS Digital Platform, the new process has enabled the easier management of garden waste services.

Using the service, residents can easily apply for either a new annual permit, a replacement garden permit label, or a single collection of garden waste for non-permit holders. Furthermore, the new permit application service also allows for the East Renfrewshire Customer Services teams to take payments both face-to-face and over the phone using GOSS assisted service technology. The full digitisation of East Renfrewshire's garden waste services now means the authority has made significant savings in staff time, effort, and money.


GOSS Complaints for East Renfrewshire

The team at East Renfrewshire have also been hard at work on a new feedback process. Using the GOSS Complaints application, East Renfrewshire have enabled their residents to easily submit feedback made in relation to the authority and services they provide. Residents' feedback is then automatically forwarded, using GOSS Case Management technology within the application, as claimable tasks to the relevant teams at East Renfrewshire. With additional Scottish reporting requirements for services of this nature, further work was also completed by the East Renfrewshire team to create SPSO (Scottish Public Services Ombudsmen) reports.


My Sunderland Trinity

Sunderland showcase their city with new 'My Sunderland' website

Sunderland City Council have recently launched their new My Sunderland website using the GOSS Digital Platform. Replacing two legacy websites, the My Sunderland provides a fresh user experience for those looking to find out what's going on in the city. Bringing a new focus to the commercial side of Sunderland, the My Sunderland website will also provide its residents with key information on the latest business opportunities and future visions for the city. The team at Sunderland are also looking to enhance their residents' online user experience with an new service directory and bookings update to enable easier searching of services, and booking of events and activities in Sunderland.

Last modified: 26 February 2024 13:44