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New bin request services and post-COVID events for East Renfrewshire and Sunderland Councils

The two councils have been busy launching even more services to help their residents make requests and bookings online.

East Ren and Sunderland Go-Lives 2 Thumbnail


East Ren and Sunderland Go-Lives 2 Thumbnail

In addition to their recent launch of a range of online services, both East Renfrewshire and Sunderland City Councils have been delivering even more services to their residents. Adding to their new garden waste permit application service, East Renfrewshire launched an array of bin request services, and bookings for pest control call outs. Whilst Sunderland went live with GOSS Bookings to manage their first post-COVID-19 event.


Bin requests get the online treatment at East Renfrewshire

East Renfrewshire have launched a range of bin request-based services to enable their residents to conveniently apply for new and replacements bins. These services are helping to streamline waste services at the authority, whilst also help the customer services team efficiently manage requests all done using the no-code GOSS Digital Platform. New services for bin requests include requesting additional bins, requesting replacements bins, or for those without bins the option to request a suite of bins is now available.


East Renfrewshire help their residents to eliminate pests

Still using the GOSS Digital Platform, the team at East Renfrewshire have recently launched a brand-new service for pest control. Another example of how the authority is helping their residents to make requests online, East Renfrewshire's pest control service provides residents with a list the various pests the Pest Control Team can tackle. Furthermore, the service then provides residents with estimated costs based upon the pest they have chosen. Residents are then able to give details of where the pest is and upload supporting documents such as photos to provide more information to the Pest Control Team. The team at East Renfrewshire have also enabled payments for Pest Control bookings, integrating the GOSS Digital Platform with Civica Payments, residents can book their Pest Control visit and pay for it in a matter of moments.


Sunderland go live with GOSS Bookings

Using GOSS Bookings, Sunderland City Council went live with their first bookable event using this powerful bookings system. With COVID-19 social distancing restriction having been eased during the summer, Sunderland launched their Summer Family Fun events. Having taken place throughout the summer, and consistent with social distancing guidelines, Sunderland helped to keep families entertained during the summer break with a range of fun and sporting activities. Using the easy-to-use GOSS Bookings service, residents could book places for a group of six people on multiple occurrences of the event.