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Recent go-lives for Boston, Stockton, South Tyneside, and East Renfrewshire Councils

Discover what exciting updates some of our clients have been working on lately.

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New Website and Partnership for Boston

Boston Borough Council has recently launched a brand-new website, powered by the GOSS Digital Platform. Serving approximately 70,500 citizens, the local authority's new website launch comes as part of its recent partnership with neighbouring authorities - South Holland District Council and East Lindsey District Council.

By investing in the same shared Platform infrastructure that hosts South Holland's and East Lindsey's websites, Boston is now able to deliver the same online enhancements that these authorities have previously made. Using the GOSS Digital Platform, Boston has launched its new website within a very short timescale and is now looking towards developing six additional subsites.

The wider partnership between Boston, South Holland, and East Lindsey is the largest council partnership in the UK and is enabling the three authorities to work together on a range of projects and regional priorities within the Southeast Lincolnshire area. Furthermore, the shared use of the GOSS Digital Platform means all three authorities have increased their financial savings and have improved their internal efficiencies.

Boston Borough Council Trinity


Invest Stockton-on-Tees Subsite 

Stockton Borough Council has recently launched a new subsite called 'Invest Stockton-on-Tees' to try and boost business growth within the Borough. The Borough is already home to about 5,500 businesses and with this subsite, they hope to increase this number so that they can cement their position as the Tees Valley's economic powerhouse.

Currently serving nearly 200,000 citizens, Stockton previously created a two-page website, built by an external company, which was made to support the wider Invest in Stockton-on-Tees campaign. However, the initial website did not meet their expectations and future campaign objectives and so an improved solution was required.

As a result, Stockton decided to replace its existing Lagan CRM (customer relationship management) systems with the GOSS Digital Platform. This has enabled the Council to power its digital services and deliver unique websites, including a refreshed website to support the Invest in Stockton-on-Tees campaign.

With the GOSS Digital Platform, Stockton has been able to develop separate websites with different aesthetics, one of which is the new Invest in Stockton-on-Tees website. Using the Panel Template within the GOSS Dynamic Theme, the website contains a range of visual features including built-in videos about the Stockton-on-Tees area, a VR system to look at Durham Lane industrial park, and an inline gallery.

Stockton-on-Tees Trinity


Website relaunch for South Tyneside

Serving approximately 150,000 citizens in the northeast of England, South Tyneside are the latest GOSS client to move their hosting infrastructure over to use GOSS Hosting services. As part of the move, South Tyneside has also used GOSS Content Management to redevelop its existing and highly bespoke website using standardised and accessible templates within the GOSS system. Taking full advantage of the GOSS Command Theme, South Tyneside has opted to deliver a GOV.UK-style website that enables their customers to navigate and search their website in the fewest clicks possible.

South Tyneside Trinity


Enhanced customer accounts for East Renfrewshire

On the outskirts of Glasgow, East Renfrewshire Council is responsible for delivering a range of services to its 95,000 citizens. To ensure their citizens can track and view the progress of their service requests, bookings, and other activities, East Renfrewshire has recently enhanced customer account functionality on their public website - aptly named 'MyEastRen'.

More specifically recent integrations of East Renfrewshire's GOSS Digital Platform with Northgate Revenues and Benefits now mean citizens are able to access their benefits and council tax online. Furthermore, MyEastRen accounts also support SSO (single sign-on) with MyGovScot, enabling East Renfrewshire citizens to use their MyGovScot login information to access their MyEastRen account.

East Renfrewshire Trinity

Last modified: 26 February 2024 13:44