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Stafford Borough Council and Cannock Chase District Council choose GOSS

Find out how both organisations will use the GOSS Digital Platform to improve their CRM provision and customer service.


Stafford and Cannock Chase Article Image

Serving a combined total of 235,000 citizens, Stafford Borough Council and Cannock Chase District Council are the latest organisations to choose GOSS as their digital and online services partner. Located in the West Midlands, both councils jointly went through a framework procurement process for a new CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system.

Cannock Chase and Stafford Borough have shared a number of back-office services for more than a decade and have now agreed to combine almost all the remaining services. Both Councils consider providing efficient and effective services to be a corporate priority and having IT systems that are fit for the future is critical to improving customer satisfaction and delivering an efficient service. Having lacked the flexibility to design digitalised services focused on the customer's needs, both councils needed to replace their previous CRM systems.

After procurement through Crown Commercial Services (CCS) Back Office Software (BOS) framework, the councils selected the GOSS Digital Platform as their CRM replacement. Both councils will have shared usage of the GOSS Digital Platform and are now able to provide complete operational autonomy and combine internal processes for increased efficiencies. This will include the sharing of forms, processes, integrations, and more between both Stafford and Cannock Chase Councils. Furthermore, Platform implementations will include the GOSS AI Service Connector, the powerful GOSS Bookings module, and two-way integrations with each council's respective waste contractors' systems.

Looking to the future, both Stafford and Cannock Chase are planning to use their new GOSS Digital Platform to digitise and enhance a range of customer services and processes. This will include both customer-facing and internal services, proving a step-change in customer and staff experience for Stafford and Cannock Chase.