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Northern Ireland Housing Executive choose GOSS Self-Service

Find out how the Northern Ireland Housing Executive plans to empower and better serve their communities using GOSS Self-Service.

Lauren Hetherington, 17 May 2024 00:00



The Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE) is the Strategic Housing Authority for Northern Ireland and the country's largest public sector landlord with a portfolio of over 80,000 properties. With an annual budget of approximately £1.2bn, the Housing Executive provide a range of public services across Northern Ireland, with its footprint extending to more than 220,000 homes, and its services impacting on the lives of one in every three people across Northern Ireland. 

NIHE, like many large public sector organisations, utilise multiple IT systems of varying complexity to facilitate the delivery of an array of public-facing and back-office services and functions. Recognising the inefficiencies and complexities inherent in maintaining disparate IT platforms, NIHE developed an IT strategy that sought to find a comprehensive solution that could streamline their operations while providing flexibility for future growth.

Having selected GOSS for the delivery of an important component of their strategic IT work programme, NIHE will have at their disposal a suite of tools including no-code configurable case management, an advanced forms builder, the ability to integrate the solution with existing systems, reporting dashboards, and secure 'My Account' functionality for their customers to log in to and access their NIHE accounts. This comprehensive platform will enable NIHE to consolidate their case management processes onto a single, user-friendly interface, promoting efficiency and collaboration across multiple service areas.

NIHE's engagement with GOSS marks the beginning of an exciting step on NIHE's digital transformation journey. Together, NIHE and GOSS will work closely initially to configure two key case management use cases tailored to NIHE's unique requirements. With GOSS's collaborative approach, the NIHE team will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to leverage the full potential of GOSS Self-Service, empowering them to build and customise case types independently in the future. By consolidating their case management processes onto a single platform, NIHE are looking at making significant improvements in staff efficiency and customer experience. Moreover, the reduction in the costs of ownership associated with maintaining and supporting multiple standalone IT platforms will contribute to long-term savings and sustainability for NIHE in the years to come.

Last modified: 9 May 2024 14:18