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Using data to enhance service delivery

Lauren Hetherington, 15 November 2023 08:40
Using Data to Enhance Service Delivery Thumbnail

Discover the transformative potential of leveraging data, specifically Power BI, to elevate service delivery and customer satisfaction.

The power and benefits of progressive web apps

Lauren Hetherington, 15 November 2023 08:40
The Power and Benefits of PWAs Thumbnail

Find out how Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are revolutionising digital experiences and offering unparalleled benefits for public sector organisations and their users.

The effect of COVID-19 on digital self-service delivery and the Public Sector

Shaun Jennings, 19 May 2021 10:22
DSS Survey 2021 thumbnail 2

In this latest blog post in our digital self-service series, we examine the extent of which the COVID-19 pandemic has affected plans for digital self-service within the Public Sector.

Meeting the needs of contemporary customer behaviour

Shaun Jennings, 26 July 2016 08:58
Digital self-service on a tablet365

We look at a couple of simple ways your organisation can begin to tackle the evolving needs of your customers' contemporary behaviour.