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Home Office chooses GOSS as its digital partner

Learn how the Home Office will use the GOSS Platform to enhance its digital and online service provision.

Shaun Jennings, 27 June 2022 00:00
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Responsible for immigration, security, and law and order across the United Kingdom, the Home Office ensures all citizens are kept safe and the country remains secure against various threats. As a ministerial department of the UK Government, the Home Office is also responsible for policing in England and Wales, fire and rescue in England, visas and immigration, and the Security Service (MI5).

The Home Office has recently selected GOSS to further improve and optimise the digital experience for their 40,000+ employees accessing its internal digital services. Through the G-Cloud framework, the Home Office was able to easily identify GOSS as a suitable option to replace their previous solution, which was nearing end-of-life.

Using the GOSS Digital Platform, the Home Office is looking to digitise and enhance a number of internal processes. By doing so the organisation will reduce the myriad of different products currently being used, helping to streamline admin-heavy processes such as manual form completion and save them time and money.

With this in mind, the Home Office initially intends to use the GOSS Digital Platform's Forms capabilities to improve its forms provision for its internal services. This includes creating or enhancing forms for reporting personal property theft or loss within the office, reporting security breaches, and reporting data loss. By using the Platform, the Home Office will be able to create and deploy forms without the need for software developers, embed forms within existing information portals, and track form completions - facilitating the analysis of the data captured.

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