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Sunderland, Boston, and St Helens launch new services

Find out how these GOSS clients are empowering their communities with new digital services.

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Sunderland - Business Facilities Rental

Sunderland enable the lease and purchase of business facilities 

Sunderland City Council has recently taken a significant step to improving the promotion of commercial properties in their authority area. Through the implementation of the GOSS Service Directory expansion, Sunderland has successfully transitioned what were PDF-based commercial facility listings into an efficient digital format.

To enable businesses throughout the Sunderland area to search for available facilities to rent or purchase, the council has launched a dedicated property search tool on their MySunderland website. This comprehensive tool allows users to conveniently view and compare various commercial premises available for lease or purchase across the city. The search functionality enables businesses to filter properties based on property types, sizes, features, amenities and provides relevant contact information for further inquiries.

In recent years, Sunderland has witnessed substantial growth in the finance, business, and professional services sectors, with the development of Riverside Sunderland attracting renowned brands such as Ocado Retail and RSA Insurance. This rapid expansion has created a demand for better and more efficient business facilities rental options.

Moving forward, the Sunderland team is committed to continually improving the functionality and availability of listings for commercial properties. Furthermore, they aspire to extend this successful solution to other council services, ensuring an enhanced digital experience across a broader range of services.


Boston - Garden Waste Subscriptions Trinity

Boston deliver garden waste subscriptions service

Boston Borough Council has recently revamped its garden waste subscriptions service, bringing about a more convenient and user-friendly experience for residents. By harnessing the capabilities of GOSS Forms, the council has successfully integrated this service with their pre existing Bartec and Capita waste management back office systems, resulting in a seamless and efficient workflow. Residents across the Boston area can now effortlessly apply to receive fortnightly garden waste collections, and request new garden waste bins and stickers, streamlining the application process and ensuring all necessary information is captured accurately.

Through the integration with Bartec, Boston Borough Council has significantly reduced the time previously spent on cross-checking existing applications. This integration enhances the accuracy of the system and eliminates any confusion or duplication when residents purchase new or additional subscriptions and bins. To further enhance convenience and security, the council has also integrated the Capita payment system into the new GOSS-based garden waste subscription service. This integration allows residents to make payments for their subscriptions and bins through a reliable and trusted payment gateway, ensuring a hassle-free transactional experience.

By leveraging the power of GOSS Forms and integrating with Bartec and Capita, Boston Borough Council has significantly improved the Garden Waste subscriptions service. This integration ensures that citizens can easily manage their subscriptions in a seamless and efficient manner, whilst also enhancing customer satisfaction and reducing administrative overhead for the council.


St Helens - Culture Subsite Trinity

St Helens launch new culture website

As part of the wider Liverpool City Borough of Culture initiative, St Helens Council has been awarded the title for the second time in 2023. To celebrate and recognise the rich cultural heritage of the St Helens borough, the authority has recently created the St Helens Borough of Culture 2023 website. Using the GOSS Dynamic theme, the website's primary objective is to showcase the cultural wealth that St Helens possesses. It serves as a digital hub where visitors can explore and learn about the borough's history, traditions, and artistic achievements. Through informative content, the website aims to highlight the unique identity of St Helens, its notable landmarks, important events, and influential figures who have contributed to its culture.

By using the GOSS Dynamic theme St Helens has created a visually appealing brochure site which brings focus to the history of St Helens. Moreover, the website has become a valuable platform for promoting the events organised as part of the Borough of Culture initiative. St Helens residents now have easy access to a comprehensive event listing and can conveniently book community events through the website. This inclusive approach is helping to encourage participation among residents, fostering a sense of community pride and celebration of the Borough of Culture.

Last modified: 26 February 2024 13:44