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Testing for accessibility

Shaun Jennings, 20 September 2021 00:00
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The world of accessibility can be a bit of a minefield. Discover the best tips, tricks and tools that'll help ensure your website is accessible for all.

Designing for accessibility - Part 2

Shaun Jennings, 31 August 2021 00:00
Designing for Accessibility - Part 2 Thumbnail

As part of our blog post series into accessibility, the GOSS Creative team bring you three new useful tips when it comes to designing for accessibility.

Designing for accessibility - Part 1

Shaun Jennings, 30 August 2021 00:00
Designing for Accessibility - Part 1 Thumbnail

We delve into what your organisation needs to be doing when it comes to designing and building websites for accessible use.

Adjusting to the 'new normal'

Shaun Jennings, 26 August 2021 15:45
Adjusting to the 'New Normal'

GOSS CEO, Rob McCarthy reviews the past 18 months in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, and how GOSS is adjusting to the 'new normal'.

New service go-lives for East Renfrewshire and Sunderland

East Ren and Sunderland Go-Lives Thumbnail

New services and a subsite for the two authorities are helping to improve overall service delivery to their residents.

The effect of COVID-19 on digital self-service delivery and the Public Sector

Shaun Jennings, 19 May 2021 10:22
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In this latest blog post in our digital self-service series, we examine the extent of which the COVID-19 pandemic has affected plans for digital self-service within the Public Sector.

Expand your GOSS knowledge with the GOSS Community Catch-Up

Shaun Jennings, 6 May 2021 15:20
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The GOSS Community Catch-Up is returning for its next series of online sessions.

Public Sector organisations break digital self-service delivery trends to support customers move online

Shaun Jennings, 22 March 2021 00:00
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The Public Sector is now showing promising signs of bucking previous trends and their ambitious targets set for digital self-service and transformation. We reveal more in the first in a series of reviews of the latest GOSS Digital Self-Service in the Public Sector Survey Report.

Sunderland City Council upgrades to GOSS Digital Platform to deliver new digital interface programme

Shaun Jennings, 1 February 2021 00:00
Sunderland City Council upgrades to GOSS Digital Platform

A new GOSS solution is paving the way for Sunderland to provide their residents with an enhanced website interface and better accessibility for all.

Achieve your digital goals faster with G-Cloud SaaS procurement

Shaun Jennings, 16 November 2020 00:00
Thumbnail Achieve your digital goals faster with G-Cloud

We explore the benefits of procuring SaaS through the G-Cloud 12 framework and how it can drastically speed up the delivery of digital and online services for your customers.

Suffolk County Council chooses GOSS self-service

Shaun Jennings, 8 September 2020 13:57
Suffolk County Council

Suffolk County Council are the latest UK local government authority to select GOSS as their self-service provider.

GOSS Digital Platform for St Helens Borough Council

Shaun Jennings, 31 July 2020 11:53
St Helens Council

St Helens Borough Council choose the GOSS Digital Platform to deliver new a range of digital and online services to their citizens.