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Navigating WCAG 2.2: New accessibility guidelines for organisations

Lauren Hetherington, 20 November 2023 00:00
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Discover the latest changes to accessibility guidelines and why they matter to your organisation.

Meet the Build Team

Shaun Jennings, 11 September 2023 00:00
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Get to know our Build Team and what they get up to at GOSS.

How to overcome digital transformation challenges

Lauren Hetherington, 28 August 2023 00:00
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Uncover ways your organisation can overcome some common digital transformation hurdles.

Mid Sussex District Council joins the GOSS client community

Shaun Jennings, 14 August 2023 00:00
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Discover how Mid-Sussex District Council intends to use GOSS Forms to enhance its customers' online experience.

Harnessing AI for effective public service delivery

Shaun Jennings, 31 July 2023 00:00
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Discover how AI is playing a pivotal role in reshaping how Public Sector organisations interact with citizens, optimise operations, and provide efficient services.

Sunderland, Boston, and St Helens launch new services

Recent Client Go-Lives (Jul 23) Article Thumbnail Image

Find out how these GOSS clients are empowering their communities with new digital services.

Catch-up on culture at GOSS

Shaun Jennings, 10 July 2023 00:00
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Discover what fun activities the GOSS team has been up to recently and the things we do to create a thriving workplace culture.

Meet the new starters at GOSS

Shaun Jennings, 7 June 2023 00:00

Get to know our new starters and what they enjoy about GOSS so far.

Norfolk County Council choose GOSS

Shaun Jennings, 17 May 2023 09:00

Learn how Norfolk County Council are planning to deliver its new customer experience vision using the GOSS Digital Platform

Debunking digital transformation myths

Shaun Jennings, 8 May 2023 00:00
Debunking Digital Transformation Myths Article Thumbnail

Discover Digital Transformation myths and what your organisation can do to slay your digital transformation beasts.

Fenland, the FSA, and Cardiff launch new services and websites

Recent Client Go Lives Thumbnail

Find out what recent digital and online projects these GOSS clients have been working on.

Stafford Borough Council and Cannock Chase District Council choose GOSS

Shaun Jennings, 16 January 2023 10:00

Find out how both organisations will use the GOSS Digital Platform to improve their CRM provision and customer service.